What is the name of god?

Just something that was in my head as I was driving into work.

For most people that meditate, there is a sound that is universal. It's that "om" or "ah" sound. We hear it in music, and we hear it in various states of bliss.

It's also implied in "god" and "allah".

It's a sound and it is resonant. It's is part of the name of god.

Did we create homosexuality?

If we understand that our thoughts and prayers are effective enough to influence the world around us, to what extent does the world get affected.

Take quantum physics. When scientists realized that we can alter the results by observing them, the impact of such a statement hadn't quite been understood.

The truth is that we affect our world by our thoughts. For the fundamentalist, this is like saying that prayer actually works. In truth, it goes futher than that.

I once said during my years in college, "You only believe what you want to believe, regardless of the truth". What if truth is secondary to belief? If our observations are affecting the world around us, then wouldn't our belief in god in fact cause god to exist? What if for an atheist, that god really doesn't exist? AND yet for others it does?

I always thought that the idea of a "gay gene" was such that, because they wanted to claim there was such a thing. Well, I am saying that their belief in such a thing has caused it to exist. I actually don't have a problem with that, because it shows me one thing. That belief is stronger than truth.

There is a known research study that was done about the power of prayer, and it involved the crime rate of the city of washington DC. Apparently when a certain percentage of the population prays for something, it DOES happen. Belief become truth.

I think that fundamentalist miss a bit of the boat when it comes to prayer tho, due to the idea that prayer is just a formalization of thought. The question used to be whether god answered our prayer. I think some people pray because they want something to go the opposite of what they thing will happen. As it contradicts, it comes off as an impossible prayer to answer. The most important thing I know about prayer is that it is truly without ceasing. It's our thoughts that are our prayer.

Great Moments in Laziness 1st Edition

One of the things that inspires me is that ingenuity comes amidst one's own insistence about their necessary lack of effort. I am going to honor those people in articles I am calling "Great Moments in Laziness". Enjoy!

Today we honor the maker of the screw top bottle. Due to that invention, no longer are we subject to the endless search for a bottle opener. No more will we try to devise some alternate means to open a bottle such as a table, a key or even our own teeth. All we need is a strong grip and a twist. Genius.

We are also honoring the inventor of automatic transmission. Gone are the days of needing all four limbs in order to operate a vehicle. While this only frees up a limb for eating, cell phone calls or even to smack the kids in the back seat, we are now given the freedom to not have to worry about the clutch and gears when it comes to shifting. Many thanks go out to the inventor of the automatic transmission. Only you could come up with a way to make one leg completely useless for transporation.

Finally we honor nabisco for creating the double stuff oreo. No longer do we have to open twice as many oreos to get to the white stuff in the center. Greater rewards have now been made available for us all.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of "Great Moments in Laziness", if you would like to visit more moments in laziness, just keep this window open. Eventually a new article will show up.

Is life hell?

I was listening to whitley streiber's dreamland show for june 24 and there was a guest talking about the nature of the soul and our relationship to god as presented by what we know from the mayans and ancient egyptians.

The idea is that if seperation from god is literally hell, then that would mean that our life on earth as it IS a seperation from god, means that our lives are an existence within hell.

The way it was presented, is that when our life ends it is our opportunity to finally be reunited with god. I kinda saw it as some kind of magnetic attraction, and your soul energy needs to come to a point where that attraction to god causes you to be joined with god.

The failure to do this will place you back on earth and still seperated from god.

The discussion from the show talked about past lives and the interviewee said something to the effect that one's past life existence was as the opposite gender. (which I have only suspected)

It's kind of buddhist and alludes to nirvana, which if you believe certain ideological circles that one of the apostles (I think john) was the guy who was called "buddha". So maybe there is something to that?

I won't get into the UFO stuff, that's for another time.

As we approach the end of the mayan calendar, the speculation as to what the end of it means is becoming clearer.

It either means the world ends.
It denotes that our reality is going to change. A chance to move away from the logical world into a world more spiritual.

As a computer programmer who for the most part programs logic, this is never good news.
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Fishing Journal 2006 issue 1

It's called fishing. If it was easier, it would be call catching.

Jesus took fishermen and said he would teach them to fish for men. Jesus didn't call it catching either.

It's my first time fishing in about 2 years. It's a way for me to relax. I like fishing not because of my affinity for food, but it's the connection with life. I'll catch and release more than anything.

So this weekend, the plan was to spend the entire day fishing. Which for the most part I did. That is when it wasn't raining. There was a rainstorm in the morning. (about 3 hours there) and then after 6 it rained and kept up all night.

I figure I got around 8-9 hours of fishing in.

The place was lake castle rock. It's a really shallow lake bed just off of a river channel. The area is just to the north of the wisconsin dells. We stayed at a cottage owned by the family of my brother in law's family. The place is really secluded or it was before some developer decided to make a profit by buiding well-lit condos. The tap water is excellent. Basically it's the same stuff as you'd get from a bottle of ice mountain water. The bottling plant is "just down the road".

The weather wasn't hot, but wasn't cold. The rain was intermittent, but not constant. It was nice.

What did I catch? Not much I must admit.

The terrain is a combination of shallow lake and sand. This means that the usual worm lures won't work. If the area had lots of worms, there wouldn't be sand. The artifical lures didn't work either as the new hatchings weren't large enough. That leaves the bugs and frogs.

Boy were there bugs! If we didn't have bug-spray we would have looked like we had some kind of outbreak. The bugs were relentless and the fish knew it. They were jumping out of the water to get some of the insects.

I fished with varying lures and used a number of approaches (texas, carolina and bobber). Nothing was appearing to work, well that is until I finally got a hit.

I ended up using a spinner bait. It was a double willowleaf bladed bait with the colors red, black and yellow. In retrospect, this is probably the closest thing to an insect that I had in my tackle box.

I will admit now that I only caught 2 fish.

The first fish was a 12 inch walleye. I am guessing the size, as it was a bit on the small side, but it was definitely walleye. They are a little toothy for a fish. Not like a musky mind you, but toothy enough to keep you from placing you fingers in its mouth.

A storm was kicking up just after that which caused us to seek cover.

Later I went out again with my brother in law to his favorite spot. I think we only got an hour more of fishing before the storm really blew in (as in lightning and thunder), but the 2nd fish I caught was a striped bass. Probably 8 inches.

So 8 hours of casting and reeling only to have landed 2 fish? As long as I landed 1 fish, I would have been happy no matter how long I was at it. I do it because I like doing it. The serenity of the water as it is juxtaposed against life. I spent $24 for a 4 day out of state license and it was actually worth it.
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Thy will be done? or Thy will was done?

The lord's prayer contains the line: "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".

What if it's already done?

I contend with this. If we assume god has not intervened on our behalf and that we need to tell god that we need him to intervene, then we really have not understood the nature of god.

We're talking about an infinite being. God is infinite in power, infinite in knowledge and infinite in presence. What would that mean about god's will?

God would know our needs in advance and already have planned for it and quite possibly have enacted those plans. I am of the mind, that god has already transcended the boundaries of time. He has already seen the results (why can't god travel backwards in time?).

If we assume that god still needs to work in our lives, we have failed to give god credit for who god really is. Any time you put a limit on god, I believe that is idolatry.

So, what should be our approach?

Perhaps the problem is that we fail to realize that god's will is already being done and is in the middle of being done.

It's like walking a winding path and not noticing that the path has already been made complete, but we failed to notice that each step we take is on such a completed path. If we opened our eyes, can we see the path laid out in front of us?

I think we can, but we are afraid to ask. God's will has already been done, and we just need to know that we are in his will.

We need the path that god has provided for us, to be revealed.

Lord, reveal your will.


I need to elaborate on this.

It's not that I am saying that there is a problem with the text of the lord's prayer, but rather this is one of those possible "not exactly translated correctly" things about the bible. What if the tense of the translation is incorrect.

We know that the greek had 3 different words that translate to "love".

What if it could just be a matter of tense with the word "be". In the mind of the writer, would they understand what it is that's being asked of them to undertake.

They are being asked to transcend beyond their own existance and understanding to relate to an aspect that is quite possibly beyond their own comprehension. Maybe I am not giving the writer much credit, but when you read about most of those disciples in the gospels, you kinda wonder if they were the biblical version of a redneck. The stairs may go all the way, but there ain't much to see when you get there.

Taking a step back, a lot of the people in that time didn't have the ability to read or write. So where do the books we know as the new testament come from? We know matthew was smart enough to write. He was a tax collector, and I can't think of anyone who deals with money is secure enough in themselves to always keep track of stuff in their head. There were others, but on the other hand take james and john "the sons of thunder". They were simple fisherman. Did they need to read and write? Evidently not.

The deal was with jesus, and what I am saying now, is that there is a vein of simplicity that we should just see and understand, but for some crazy reason we don't see it. As to why we can't see how simple faith is beyond my understanding. It's like digging a hole in your already empty life because you're going to fill the hole back up.

Anyway, to kinda put a bookend on this for now, it's when you understand there is such a complex nature to god, that any time you think you've discovered an aspect you have to realize that there is a lot more than that. Think of it this way, for each facet of god you can conceive, you must find at least 2 more facets. I believe this is possibly why jesus wanted us to come to god as if we were a child. Not a lot we would need to understand, but it's so easy as a child to just accept it to be so.

Reboot: A new beginning

"They keep pulling me back"

I was having a discussion with my mom and she recommended that I start putting together a journal or some sort, as I have some kind of "higher level of thinking".

Well, I thought I would check to see if my old x_celsius account was still available and whaddya know. It still is. So here's the reboot.

I need to flush out a bunch of stuff that's in my head. There's a lot of it and it's going to take some time to get out.

Anything that's more personal or musical can be found on myspace. No, there's nothing new there. I haven't had the time.

That being said, here's the rub.

I have a problem with the current form of organized religion. Not in the nature of it or what religion fullfils, but rather how a lot of what we understand is christianity is not really christianity on a conceptual level. I'll explain later.

I have a problem with churches that play contemporary music. Not because of the music, but rather the candor that the music represents. I believe the praise and worship approach to christianity displays a complete lack of reverence toward god. I'll explain later.

I have a problem with quoting verses without conceptual support. This creates an agenda, when a bible verse is used to make a point. I'll explain later.

I have a problem with most religious rituals. I'll explain later.

We sheep have lost our way and there is a road back. The question is, where is the road?